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Our purpose as coaches and instructors is to help teach and facilitate, to the best of our abilities, the advancement of our players from their current levels as men into men equipped with the discipline, knowledge, and wisdom required in order to succeed at the next level on the field and off of the field— not only in baseball but also in all in all aspects of life.

About: Coaches


Manager/Head Coach

Having a passion for the game and being a life-long student of the game, he states, "Pursuing excellence in this game whether playing or coaching, has taught me more valuable lessons [that] I can apply in my own life than probably any professional mentor, religious influence or college professor, ever has—the principles of being man; principles of leadership and justice; of life and business— These principles, I've been able to carry with me."

A licensed home builder and remodeler, Walker has been able to apply many of the same principles he learned from the game as he leads and works together with men in his business. "Being self-employed since shortly after college, starting a business and doing what it takes day in and day out, putting together teams, learning from the men who know more than I do, and teaching those who know less and are willing to learn— those are things that I credit a lot to playing the game of baseball."

Walker is the son of high school baseball coach, Gary Stripling. A short time after his father's life was taken by an eighteen-wheeler, and not long after becoming a college baseball player, he received a call that would quickly bring him back home and lead to him beginning coaching a few years later.

He says, "I love this game, first and foremost, and I'm a student of the game. Gotta be. I can never know everything there is to know about it, but I'm gonna try to." And, "No matter what happens, this game is gonna still be here. I was a baseball player and I don't think you can get rid of that. I still take batting practice whenever I can, even if it means taking a man off a jobsite to throw."


Pitching Instructor

As the pitching coach last summer, Wilson worked weekly with the pitchers, lending professional knowledge and technique, helping the players better themselves individually and the team collectively, achieving a sub-3.00 ERA over 39 games.

As a former college baseball player and professional baseball player drafted by the Brewers, his instruction has been very valuable in helping players prepare for and move from the high school level to the collegiate level.

For information about scheduling individual pitching instruction, lessons, and training with Wilson, click here.

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